Natasha and Clodagh met whilst studying for their Law degrees in the late 90s. They were the perfect study buddies. Clodagh organised and detailed orientated and Natasha creative and ambitious.  Natasha came to Madrid and started her first business in 2006 whilst Clodagh was working in Human Resources in London. 

The call of long summer days was too much to resist and Clodagh came to Madrid in 2012.  

Natasha's business has grown and she now own and runs LETS Education.   Clodagh met her business partner and they created the successful Emotional Salary Barometer 

Natasha and Clodagh have worked together on hundreds of projects together over the years and have spent the last year planning and building IWBB: Vault. Natasha has a B2C background and Clodagh B2B. They have combined their experiences of building businesses abroad and along with amazing experts have designed courses and a membership program. 

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We are here to help all women with businesses abroad to thrive by having the most up to date information on finance, social media, marketing, networking and best business practices.  Having a community around you can make all the differences!

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